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Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC)

Training Program Evaluation

In order to improve the delivery of program services, the BCC is conducting an evaluation of education and training programs. Please take a few moments to complete the following survey to assist BCC in this effort. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please answer the following questions regarding your personal experience with courses you have attended for continuing education credit under 1986 PA 54.

We encourage you to complete and submit this form after each training program you attended.

* = Required Fields

Who was the training provided by?

1. Please provide your name and employer.

(If you prefer confidentiality, please provide the county only)

2. Please provide information about the Program.

3. Please provide the Instructor(s) Name(s)

4. Were the instructor(s) knowledgeable in the subject matter?

5. Was the content of the training consistent with what was advertised?

6. Do you feel the training you received was beneficial to you?

7. Was the training held at the MacMullan Center at Higgins Lake?

If yes, would you prefer to attend training at regional locations closer to home versus at the MacMullan Center?

8. Was this an on-line training program?

9. Have you ever taken these courses on-line?

If yes, do you feel you got as much benefit from the on-line format as you would in a typical classroom setting?

Thank you for assisting the Bureau of Construction Codes in our effort to improve our service to you.